MULTILOG INTERNACIONAL is engaged in coordinating the logistics with a multiple supplier base, so we can commit to highly demanding loading schedules mostly supported by long term contracts with our customers, all of this geared to allow them to concentrate on their core business, thus becoming a solid partner complying with transit times and delivery commitments at competitive costs.

Logística y almacenaje Multilog

We offer the four most important pilars of service to all our clients:

Logística y almacenaje Efficiency


We search, select and certify the best transportation providers.

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Logística y almacenaje Responsibility


We stick to the applicable legal framework of the services offered.

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Logística y almacenaje Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

We strive to achieve favorable commercial agreements with different transportation companies in all four major fields: ground, air, ocean and intermodal.

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Logística y almacenaje Financial Strength

Financial Strength

Multilog has since its inception reinvested a sizable share of profits and has extensive credit lines with major banks, in order to have the cash flow needed to sustain the prevailing cycle needs between collections and payments.

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